Summer of Service 2020 - Terms and Conditions

  1. Personal Information:
    Please provide your current information in the online application form.
  2. Attendance:
    Enter your preferred starting and ending dates.
  3. Area of Service:
    Enter you preferred area a service. Please add any additional relevant experience
  4.  Personal Heath:
    As this is a residential programme where many different people will be living together in shared facilities we need to understand the state of your health and what special needs you may have.  Please make sure that you inform us of any condition that may affect you or others living around you.
  5. Criminal Record:
    In keeping with our “legal duty of care” as a public facility governed under the laws of New Zealand we ask that you inform us of any past or current legal actions taken against you.  Please understand that any information you share with us will remain private and confidential.  
  6. Personal References:
    Please provide 3 completed “Personal Referee Questionnaire” forms to be associated with your application.  The questionnaire should be submitted by your appointed referee under separate cover (either by a PDF attachment sent by email or through the post).  Provide us with the names and email addresses of your appointed referees.
  7. Emergency Contact:
    Please provide us with the contact details of a person we can contact in case of any emergency.  Please make sure that the person you identify is available and willing to assist you should you need help.
  8. Summer of Service Participation:
    The Summer of Service programme offers an intimate Christian communal style living and learning environment. Each participant will form a functioning part of the daily experience of living and learning together with other Christians.
  9. Meals
    Meals will be provided during your stay as follows: As I’m sure you can appreciate, providing a common meal can be difficult for those who have dietary limitations.  Please provide us with any of your dietary issues.

    Food of any form may not be stored in your room. A common storage area for personal non-refrigerated items can be provided.  Please identify if you will require this facility.

    • Breakfast:    Continental-style with cereals, fruit, yogurt, etc.
    • Lunch:        A selection of soup, salad and sandwiches
    • Dinner:        A cooked meal with dessert
  10. Accommodation:
    The Summer of Service programme is located at the River Lodge, 394 Vaile Road, Reporoa, 3081 New Zealand.  On-site accommodations. Laundry facilities are available to all participants.
    • Each Summer of Service participant is provided shared accommodations at the River Lodge.  
    • Each accommodation unit will house participants of the same-sex.  If married couples are attending at the same time, private accommodations can be provided. Each accommodation unit will have one on-suite bathroom or shower facility. A maximum of 4 people per room will be implemented.
    • Accommodation at The River Lodge will include a single bed. Each participant will be responsible to provide their own bedding, as well as pillows, bath towels, face cloths, etc.
    • A commercial washer and dryer are available for a fee within The River Lodge site for the Summer of Service participant to use.
  11. Transportation:
    Please arrange your own travel to and from The River Lodge.  If you need assistance, please contact us directly.  You will need to inform us of your travel plans.
    Additional ad hoc, weekend trips and other excursions can be provided, and the cost will be given upon request.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT book any travel to or from The River Lodge until you have been formally informed of your application acceptance into our Summer of Service programme.

  12. Cause for Dismissal:
    In order to provide the best environment for all Summer of Service volunteers we ask that all participants follow the instructions given by the Koinonia House management, not partake of any alcoholic beverages or take any illegal substances, not be involved in any criminal or immoral activity, and basically remain in good standing with their fellow colleagues.

    Failure to remain is good standing with these guiding principles may lead to the termination of the rights and privatizes of the Summer of Service participant.

  13. Additional Foreign Student Requirements:
    Entrance to New Zealand:
    • If you are not a resident or citizen of either New Zealand or Australia then you will need to travel to New Zealand under an INZ Visitor’s Visa which may be issued by Immigration New Zealand upon your arrival.  Alternatively you can apply for a Visa online prior to departure.
    • All travel to/from New Zealand must be within the limitation guidelines posted on the website.
    • You must provide us with your round-trip travel plans with this application.  A copy of your official ticketed travel must be submitted to us before your arrival into New Zealand.


    • You must have a current passport with at least six (6) month remain after you proposed return date.  

    Travel Health Insurance:

    • Please provide proof of travel health insurance for the full time of your time of your stay in New Zealand.
  14. Summer of Service Contact Details:

    Koinonia House Trust
    The River Lodge
    P.O. Box 178
    Reporoa 3060

    NZ Telephone: 07 333 8165 or International +64 7 333 8165