Summer of Service 2020

January through February 2020

Calling all K-House volunteers!

We have set aside a 2-month period during the wonderful summer season in New Zealand to upgrade the former River Lodge into The Missler Centre. The Missler Centre will be focused completely on equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry. This is an opportunity for bringing your talent down to New Zealand to join other volunteers during our Summer of Service.

We need you if you are a:

  1. Carpenter (or you just like to build),
  2. Drywall fitter/finisher (it’s called GIB in New Zealand),
  3. Plumber (or you just like to hook pipes together),
  4. Roofer (or you just like to be on top of the job),
  5. Painter (or just like to give this place a fresh clean look),
  6. Gardener (or you just like to make the outdoors look amazing),
  7. Housekeeping, (or you just want to help us keep the other volunteers comfortable),
  8. Cook/kitchen helper (or you just want to make sure everyone is well fed).

So here is the opportunity. We have set aside a 2-month period at the beginning of 2020 when we hope to have a dedicated group volunteers with a wide rage of talents come and join us as we upgrade The River Lodge into a new ministry facility called The Missler Centre. Age and mobility restrictions will apply and are explained in the Terms & Conditions of the Summer of Service application form.

A typical volunteer work week will be 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with weekends off for personal time and exploring the surrounding wonderland of New Zealand. During your stay there will also be time for daily devotions, evening Bible studies, worship, and plenty of fellowship. While with us at the Missler Centre your accommodations and meals will be provided by K-House New Zealand.

As you help us, our desire is that we will help you by giving you on-the-job ministry experience and training. Optional sightseeing trips to the surrounding tourist sites in New Zealand will also be available to those who’d love to enjoy a bit of the Kiwi experience. Personal travel, tourist excursions, and any other additional adventures will of course be at your own expense.

Interested? Go to the website and follow the link to the Summer of Service application page. Once you receive a formal confirmation of acceptance from us, then book your own travel to New Zealand and you will be on your way to an adventure of a lifetime. Your full responsibilities and opportunities will be itemized on your acceptance documentation.

Come for a minimum of 2 weeks or stay for the whole 2 months. It’s really up to you.

Registrations Closed