Video Production and Internet Facilities

Video ProductionThe River Lodge has installed a state-of-the-art Microwave link to the New Zealand internet backbone which opens up a variety of high-tech capabilities such as;

  • Reliable, high speed internet for all venue attendees
  • Video conferencing support
  • Real-time video streaming for broadcasting events from the River Lodge worldwide through the internet; and
  • Impressive data upload and down-load facilities (Up to 50Mbit U/D).

The on-site facilities of Koinonia House also permit, filming, editing and production of high definition DVDs of any presentations for visitors as they occur. This service can also include a rapid turn-around time DVD so the conference attendees leave with a DVD copy of the presentation they have just received. This can be uniquely effective to announce new products, organizational changes, or simply instruction on complex or sensitive matters.

Koinonia House can stream Live HD Video from the River Lodge to a worldwide public or private audience.